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Implementing Windows 10 This course is part of: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 (70-698) Path

Implementing Device Drivers Configuring The User Experience Configuring the Administrator Experience

Lab Setup Server 2016 Datacenter edition

Evaluate Windows 10

Set up a VM host - Windows Server 2016 – 16GB RAM Hyper-V Server Role


Implementing Device Drivers

kernel mode drivers require digital signature

Installing vs Enabling Installing - requires admin rights if third party

Staging drivers in the driver store – Admin

– Drivers

Viewing Online Driver Store Contents: All Drivers- – Get-WindowsDriver -online -all – dism /online /get-drivers /all

View .inf files in notepad – C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\<name>\*.inf

Adding to the Driver Store – Online: pnpuntil /add-driver x:\driver.inf – Offline: dism /image:c:\<imagefolder> /add-driver /driver:c:\<driverfolder>\driver.inf

DISM - System Image Manager

Remote Server Admin Tool –> Group Policy Management Editor

Driver Verifier Manager

Run Verifier.exe elevated and choose: - Select all unsigned - Select drivers built for older Windows versions - Select all - Select from a list

Troubleshooting: – Devmgmt.msc - Roll Back Driver - Less disrupted than reverting to a restore point – By default F8 no longer works in Windows 10 – Boot to DVD, “Repair your computer,” troubleshoot .. Command Prompt – bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal

Cleaning up Unused Drivers – Disk Cleanup – device driver packages

Type 4 Drivers – One “class driver” supports many models of printer – Drivers no longer hosted on print servers – Get from Windows Update – Enhanced point and printer

NIC speed settings – – Allow device to wake the computer – Allow computer to turn off device to save power - not really on NIC

Write Caching policy - – Better performance vs quick removal

Configuring The User Experience

Start Screen Control – Create desired layout – Export layout to XML: Export-StartLayout (in powershell) – GPO fixed Only works with enterprise edition

Windows Settings –> Personalization –> Taskbar

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