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IP Address Management (IPAM) is the name of an IT discipline that involves centralized management, monitoring, and auditing of IP address spaces and corresponding infrastructure servers on a network

IPAM is performed on a Microsoft network by an installable Windows Server 2012 feature that you run on a domain member server to “centrally watch and manage” the other servers on your network that are actually doing the work. IPAM manages the functionality of the following Windows servers:

  • DHCP Service
  • DNS Server
  • Network Policy Server (NPS)
  • Active Directory Domain Controller (DC)

Managing Microsoft Networks

You are one of the two administrators managing DNS on Windows Server 2016. You open the DNS Manager and see that a single host record has been mapped to three distinct IP addresses. Here are the records:

  • www.globomantics. com IN A
  • www.globomantics. com IN A
  • www.globomantics. com IN A

The value of timestamp for all the three records is zero. What does this represent?

Round Robin DNS was configured by your co-administrator

Which one of these Dynamic Update settings in DNS of Windows Server 2016 is recommended for Active Directory-integrated zones?

Allow only secure dynamic updates

Which one of these routing protocols in Windows Server 2016 is designed to be used internally within large networks?

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)


You have implemented DirectAccess in your environment running on Windows Server 2016. Which one of these components is used by the DirectAccess clients to determine if their location is internal or external?

Network Location Server

Which one of the following is the loopback address in IPv6? ::1/128

Which new feature in DNS of Windows Server 2016 helps reduce the possibility of a Denial of Service (DoS) attack by malicious systems leveraging DNS to target a client?

Response Rate Limiting

You have a DHCP server running Windows Server 2016 in an Active Directory environment. The DHCP service on it fails to start despite multiple attempts. What could be a possible cause of this failure?

The main database file may be corrupt

Which one of these PowerShell scripts in Windows Server 2016 will enable Data Center Bridging (DCB) settings and enable the network adapter to accept DCB configuration locally or remotely?

Set-NetQoSDcbxSetting -Willing $true

While creating a DHCP scope on Windows Server 2016, you see the option Subnet delay in milliseconds. Ideally, in which one of these scenarios should this option be used?

On secondary DHCP server in a split-scope configuration

Which one of these dynamic routing protocols in Windows Server 2016 is used to route traffic between autonomous systems on the Internet?

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

You are troubleshooting a malfunctioning DNS server. You identify that the record with critical metadata about the zone, like primary server, responsible person, refresh internal, and other information, is missing. What record type should you create to fix this?


Which one of these is the main database file created by the DHCP server role in Windows Server 2016?


You notice that DNS running on your Windows Server 2016 machine is accumulating several stale resource records. You need to implement aging and scavenging to make sure outdated records are automatically eliminated. You keep the values for No-refresh interval and Refresh interval at their defaults. What are the default values for them respectively?

7 days and 7 days

You are creating a new DHCP scope to distribute IP addresses ranging from to You have a domain controller statically configured with the address What should you do while creating the scope?

Add an exclusion for

Which one of these is a type of Network Policy Server (NPS) template in Windows Server 2016?

RADIUS Clients

You are configuring two DHCP servers running Windows Server 2016 in an 80/20 split-scope configuration. The full scope is to What will be the first IP address in the exclusion range of the server hosting 80% of the scope?

Which one of these server roles is most commonly collated with the DNS role in Windows Server 2016?

Active Directory Domain Services

Windows lifecycle fact sheet

Windows 10 release information

Installing and Configuring Windows 10 (70-698)

The range of APIPA IS to

You should be able to recognize on sight the three RFC 1918 private ranges, the special range used for APIPA, the 127 ?loopback? network, and the various ranges set aside for multicast. (There are a few other special IP ranges beyond these, but they almost never come up in practical situations.) Beyond that, it?s all just numbers.

How to start DirectX Diagnostic Tool ? 1. Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type dxdiag and then click OK.

How will you configure ADS? Start =⇒ Run =⇒ DCPROMO Or Start=⇒ Configure your server =⇒ add/Remove a Role

What is ADS? A central component of the Windows platform, Active Directory service provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments.

ISO stand for? International standard organization

OSI stand for? Open System Interconnection

What is a subnet mask?

Subnet mask is a 4 byte (32 bit) number used to identify the sub-network ID and the host ID from an IP address. All the hosts in a sub-network will have the same subnet mask. E.g.,,

What is ARP, how does it work?

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. ARP is used to find LAN address from Network address. A node typically has destination IP to send a packet, the nodes needs link layer address to send a frame over local link. The ARP protocol helps here.

The node sends a broadcast message to all nodes saying what is the MAC address of this IP address. Node with the provided IP address replies with the MAC address.

What are Unicasting, Anycasting, Multicasting and Broadcasting?

If the message is sent from a source to a single destination node, it is called Unicasting. This is typically done in networks.

If the message is sent from a source to a any of the given destination nodes. This is used a lot in Content delivery Systems where we want to get content from any server.

If the message is sent to some subset of other nodes, it is called Multicasting. Used in situation when there are multiple receivers of same data. Like video conferencing, updating something on CDN servers which have replica of same data. If the message is sent to all the nodes in a network it is called Broadcasting. This is typically used in Local networks, for examples DHCP and ARP use broadcasting.

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